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We Help Plus uses Dynamic TVEMFTM Known also as Dynamic PEMFTM or PEMF 4GTM. Current PEMF units use PEMF developed in the 1990's. We are 2 generations ahead of that technology with the next two generations soon to be introduced.


One of our first success stories is shown in the Dog Video. The video may take some time to load because it is a large file. It is a small dog,named Harley, with a broken back that was running after 10 days of using our unit. We refer to the dog as our poster child.
Another amazing treatment from using our unit is the treatment of a dog with Hygroma See photos and video

Results on a Golden Retriever can be seen at Golden Retriever with stroke.

Results on an Australian sheep dog can be found at Owners log on Jack. If you use a WeHealPlus unit, we would like you to keep this type of records so we can assist you and your vet in using the device.

One of the first veterinarians to publish work on injection of stem cells to treat dogs was Dr. Ian Voelzel. Dr Voelzel is currently doing studies for WeHealPlus. Dr. Voelzel letter

For More Information and/or purchase, contact:
Donnie Rudd, Ph.D.,D.Sc.,D.D.,J.D.
1700 Rivercrest Dr. #1205
Sugar Land, TX 77478

Email Dr.Donnie Rudd

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