Indy is a 14yr old Sheltie with Hygroma. A Hygroma is a discrete, fluid-filled sac that can form on the joints of dogs in response to repeated pressure, such as that from sitting on a hard surface. It is generally treated by draining the fluid and may be prevented by providing padded bedding. However, this often does not work.
The photos are before and after 3 weeks of treatment with the WeHealPlus unit.
After 3 weeks of treatment with WeHealPlus, the right side is about 95% healed.  Fur growth has nearly covered what was previously an open wound that was very tender and expelling pus.  It then scabbed over after 2 weeks.  Now, after 3 weeks, the dry scab and flaky skin is gone.  The remaining pink skin is pliable and causes NO PAIN when touched.  Fur has almost covered the area.
Left side inflammation has diminished and is now showing the beginnings of new fur growth on edges.  The edges are also far less tender due to the increased circulation in the area.  There is little to no pus and it is about to begin to scab over.  It will likely take another 30 days due to the size of the sore.
Indy is also much more active due to the decrease in pain from the sores and the underlying osteoarthritis.
Indy's owner says, "He is feeling much better.  He has been coming to the side of my bed and bumping it to wake me, which he hasn't done in months" 
"He isn't shaking the way he used to either".
The owners Vet told her the sores would never heal due to poor circulation because of his age, 14.
They had been giving him pain killers and antibiotics for months to simply manage pain and infection.  It was not improving at all.
lots of pus, skin inflamed, black fungus covered by pus
in center of sore.

Day 5 Black fungus
revealed as pus begins
to diminish.

Day 10 Closeup. Pus and fungus nearly gone

Day 10 edges tender & inflamed but pus & fungus diminished

Day 14 

 Skin no longer inflamed, pus and fungus gone

Day 21 pus gone, interior is clear of pus and fungus.
ur regrowth, edges pliable and no longer inflamed or tender.

Right knee Close up of Indy's right elbow before
any treatment with PEMF WeHealPlus unit. Jan 25

Day 5 Showing dramatic signs of healing process.
Note scab over open wound that was previously pink and very tender. Owner says he woke her up for first time in months. His pain from the sore and the arthritis he suffers from has been reduced and he's feeling better.

Day 14 Close up of Indy' right knee after 14 days with
WeHealPlus treatment. Fur beginning to grow back now.

Day 21 knee is almost totally healed and pain free! The fur
regrowth has nearly covered the sore and there is no tenderness. He is no longer on pain medications either. His left side is VASTLY improved and has turned the corner as well

Video of Indy before treatment                 Video of Indy after 10 treatments

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