Hey Bob,
Sorry, Ive been in and out of town.  I've attached some radiographs of a 12 year-old dog with an ulnar fracture we've been using it on.  It looks like we have significant callous formation in 16 days!  I have another dog that I did a patellar luxation surgery that we are using it on as well.  I'll try to get you some films of it.  So far I haven't had any major issues.  It would be nice if the device itself could be smaller for some of these smaller dogs.  The fracture dog has a bandage/splint on, so it is pretty easy to encorporate the coils into the bandage.  The other dog has no bandage, so I've been using elasitcon to hold it over the affected area.  After a 4-5 days it causes some irritation and we have the device off a couple of days before replacing it.  I'm not sure there is any other way to hold it there(over the knee) without putting a bandage over the leg which would limit our range of motion and cause muscle atrophy.


Ian Voeizel, DVM