A picture of the MagnaFix device and the results of rabbit studies can be seen by clicking on the link below.

More detailed information on the technology can be found at More on the technology

The MagnaFix unit uses a particular type of square wave with a slew rate. All other PEMF units on the market use a sine wave. While the sine wave units show some improvement, it is less than 1/10 the improvement of the MagnaFix wave:  Types of wave forms

Some of the scientists on MagnaFix's team are Dr. Donnie Rudd,  Dr. Robert Dennis, and  Dr. Leo Giblin .

One of the first veterinarians to publish work on injection of stem cells to treat dogs was Dr. Ian Voelzel. Dr Voelzel
is current doing studies for MagnaFix. Dr. Voelzel letter

We have had excellant results in canine and equine treatment.


A miracle treatment on a dog can bee seen at Dog Video. The video may take some time to load because it is a large file.

Results on a Golden Retriever can be seen at Golden Retriever with stroke.

Results on an Australian sheep dog can be found at Owners log on Jack. If you use a MagnaFix unit, we would like you to
keep these type of records so we can assist you and your vet in using the device.


The unit works very well on bowed tendon. Bowed ten results: Patti Fudala letter,  Horse bowed tendon results.

We have had good results on tooth problems: Problem with horse tooth.

We have had very good results on cutting horses and quarter horses Cutting horse results.

We have had several horses that were lame and were able to race again after use of the unit. American Futurity Lotta Love for Robyn

We have had good results on bone repair and now have several studies under way for repair of non union fractures in horses
Horse fractured bone 10 day recovery


Magnafix corporate site  Instructions for the units  Quick start instructions

For more information, contact Ben Cooley  281-748-0425.